FCC Internship Opportunities

Why Chicago?


People The Bible begins in the garden, but ends in the city. God loves people. The city is all about God’s people, either needing or proclaiming His message of love through Jesus Christ.

People of the World There is not a more ethnically diverse area in the Midwest than Chicago. The opportunity to touch people that could touch the world is unmatched!

Opportunities How do you see the needs of eight million people that live in the Chicagoland metropolitan area or 3 million that live in the city itself? The apostle Paul calls such opportunities in the city of Ephesus a “great door of effective work” that was opened up to him.

Exposure See firsthand the many unique ministries based in Chicago. From storefront churches to mega-churches, from traditional church ministries to innovative needs-based ministries, Chicago offers a wide range of ministries to exposure you to God’s vision for Christ’s Kingdom.

Impact The city may move you to consider a life involved with urban missions. Watch God touch your life through the experiences of each day.

Why FCC Chicago?


Indeed, there are larger churches, churches with flashier ministry styles, and churches with larger internship budgets, so why should someone consider an internship at First Christian Church of Chicago?

A Unique Ministry Environment

First Christian Church of Chicago can be counted among the few congregations in the Restoration Movement that fully embrace a multi-ethnic model of ministry. While some church samples of minorities in their congregation, FCC Chicago is a better example of the Revelation 7:14 model for the church eternal, “every tribe, language, people and nation.”

A Focused Ministry Approach

Every aspect of the FCC Chicago ministry is shaped around fulfilling our purpose of “cooperating as a team to build Christlikeness in others through 1) Connecting with God, 2) Growing together, 3) Serving the church, and 4) Reaching the unconnected.

A Personal Internship Model

Our approach to internships is personal. We attempt to build an experience that allows students to target their ministry strengths, while still getting a broad exposure to ministry. The personal approach is also felt through a wide open door for conversation and exploration with Ministry staff and members.

Anticipated Internship Experiences

Preaching Ministry explore and experience the broadest exposure to ministry leadership. This is not just a Preaching internship. It is a Senior Ministry internship, which includes issues of leadership, communication, staff oversight, etc. in a multi-cultural environment. Experiences may include:

· Preaching 4 times during the internship

· Participating in other public speaking opportunities

· Observation/Participation in weekly staff meetings, and monthly leadership meetings

· Observation/Participation in small group ministry

· Engagement in dialogue with members of various ethnic groups about multi-cultural ministry

· Planning of at least one ministry or training event

· Readings in Preaching, General and Urban Ministry

Spiritual Formation & Discipleship Ministry – explore and experience people growing into Christlikeness through a ministry designed to accomplish transformation, with a particular emphasis for transformation in a multi-cultural environment. Experiences may include:

· Observation/Participation/Leadership of a Connection Group environment

· Observation/Participation in the church’s Prayer ministry

· Observation/Participation in weekly staff meetings, and monthly leadership meetings

· Planning of at least one spiritual formation event

· Reading in Spiritual Formation & Ministry

InterCultural Studies explore and experience the unique ministry of a congregation that seeks to be an authentic multi-ethnic church. Experiences may include:

· Observation/Participation in weekly staff meetings, and monthly leadership meetings

· Engagement in dialogue with members of various ethnic groups about multi-cultural ministry

· Exposure to an assortment of ministry locations and style throughout the city

· Engagement in ministry events and programs through Greater Ashburn Community Development Corporation or Business As Missions that address community needs

· Readings in InterCultural Studies and Urban Ministries

Internship Overview

Internship Purpose

 An internship experience at FCC Chicago seeks to accomplish the following purposes:

 1.      Provide a learning experience that will benefit the Kingdom of God by training future leaders for effective ministry in the urban environment;

 2.      Provide a learning experience that will benefit the student by …

      • Crafting the internship experience to effectively utilize their ministry gifts, abilities and passion,
      • Surrounding the intern with a compassionate church family, and competent staff oversight, and
      • Addressing all relevant educational requirements (if applicable);

3.      Provide a learning experience that will benefit the FCC Chicago family through the ministry contribution of the intern.


Internship Strategy

 The internship strategy is a comprehensive approach that blends strategic ministry experiences with strategic learning opportunities. The strategic elements include:


Ministry Elements

 1.  Generalized Ministry – the intern will be involved in activities that develop capabilities, qualities and character that are essential for all ministry personnel, such as service, cooperation, teamwork, and compassion.

 2.  Targeted Ministry – the intern will invest most of their time within a targeted ministry area under the direct oversight of a staff member. The targeted ministry will be defined based upon the areas of educational focus, passion, giftedness and abilities of the intern. The intern will develop the skills and abilities needed to perform that ministry.

 3.  Comprehensive Ministry – the intern will observe (and potentially participate) in the wider array of ministries, so that they can capture a wholistic understanding of their ministry area within the wider urban ministry context.


Learning Elements

 1.  Guided Research – the intern will be directed to research topics relevant to all of the above ministry areas, with a concentration on the targeted ministry area.

 2.  Individualized Mentoring – the intern will meet regularly with the ministry staff person overseeing their targeted ministry area so that they can learn how to administrate that ministry.


Internship Expectations

Expectations for each intern are shared both ways: expectations that FCC Chicago has of the intern, and those that the intern can expect of the FCC family.


Intern Expectations


We’re looking for students who …

    • Are serious about entering full-time ministry, and desire to explore whether ministry in an urban environment is a proper fit for them;
    •  Are committed to maintaining their spiritual development;
    •  Are flexible and willing to assist where needed;
    •  Are dependable, teachable, and positive;
    •  Have completed their sophomore year in college studies.


FCC Expectations


Interns may expect the following from the FCC Chicago staff and family:

    •  Regular interaction with an internship supervisor and mentor;
    •  A supportive and encouraging church family;
    •  An opportunity to explore a wholistic approach to ministry in an urban context;
    •  A furnished apartment within the church building for housing during your internship;
    •  A stipend of $150 weekly plus taxes and Social Security withholding;
    •  A “Love Offering” at the conclusion of the internship.


Internship Schedule

Internship opportunities will be driven by the following schedule (dates are approximate):

   Spring Semester Internships Summer (Summer/Fall) Internships Fall Semester Internships
Application Deadline October 15 February 15 February 15
Position Filled Target November 1 March 15 March 15
Internship Period January 15 to May 30 June 1 to August 15 (December 15) August 15 to December 15

Download a copy of the FCC Internship Handbook or an Internship Questionnaire.

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