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Faith Promise

What Is Faith Promise?

Faith Promise is the annual mission emphasis when the church family has the opportunity to partner in God’s kingdom work worldwide by presenting a Faith Promise to God.


What Is A Faith Promise?

A Faith Promise is pledge to God to partner with Him in supporting the fulfillment of His mission throughout the world based on faith that God will supply the means. Your Faith Promise is an offering over and above your weekly tithe.


How Do I Make A Faith Promise?

1. A Faith Promise begins with prayer. Pray that God will guide you to trust in His provision so that you are able to partner with Him in supporting world missions.

2. After you have prayed, consider what God would want you to give to support missions. You may decide to donate a “Starbucks” a week, or you may take a leap of faith not knowing where the funds might come from, but let God guide your heart.

3. Based on your trust in God’s faithfulness share your Faith Promise commitment with the church. On the final day of the Faith Promise Emphasis, everyone will have an opportunity to complete a pledge card that will let the Faith Promise team know of your desire to partner with them in the work of missions. You will be asked to complete this pledge card at the end of the Worship service that day. Cards will be collected, and an announcement will be made soon afterward, celebrating the total amount that we are trusting God to provide in the coming year.

Faith Promise makea2016 Faith Promise Speakers:

May 8 – Kathy Bozyak, Executive Director of Southside Pregnancy Center

May 15, Kit Dodson, Church Relations Director at Milligan University

May 22, Brian Jennings, Board Member for Blackbox International



2016 Faith Promise Event


Introduction of FCC Summer Intern 2016 – Sunday May 8 at 10:00am

International PotluckInternational Potluck – Sunday, May 15 at 12:00pm


Who Are Our Faith Promise Mission Partners?

Through the churches support of Faith Promise partners, we attempt to fulfill Christ’s Acts 1:8 mandate to be witnesses “beginning in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, and the ends of the earth.” In order to accomplish that goal, we have partnered with the following mission/ministry efforts.

Our Jerusalem

  • FCC Benevolence (10%) has been a life-preserver for several members of the FCC family struck by financial struggles. It provides financial assistance to families in need.
  • FCC Community Internship (10%) invites student interns to explore God’s call to urban ministry. This fund helps to provide a base of support for those ministers-in-training.
  • Greater Ashburn Community Development Association (5%) is an outreach of FCC to the Ashburn neighborhood. Its purpose is to address community needs through the love of God by serving the community.
  • Paul Schille Scholarship (5%) is a program to help members of FCC attending college or graduate school full-time with financial assistance. Priority is given to students preparing for ministry.
  • Southside Pregnancy Center (5%) is a ministry in our community that’s been around for 30 years. SPC reaches out to expectant and young mothers and fathers, while teaching them basic life skills.

Our Judea

  • Ignite Churchplanting (10%) has been planting churches in the Chicagoland area for over 100 years. FCC Chicago was instrumental in the founding of Ignite.

Our Samaria

    • Emmanuel Christian Seminary (5%) is a graduate school for those training in some area of life ministry.
    • Lincoln Christian University (10%) is a combination of three schools, Lincoln Christian College, Lincoln Christian Seminary, and the Earl Hargrove School of Continuing Adult Education. LCU’s emphasis is in preparing people to serve in an assortment of ministry areas
    • Milligan College (5%) is the only liberal arts college among the Christian Churches/Churches of Christ. It seeks to train people to work and have an influence in a vast array of vocational fields.

Our World

  • David and Teresa Fittro, CMF (10%) are reaching the youth of Nottingham, England through a community based teen discipleship ministry at The Point.
  • Joel and Seiko Lovestrand, OMF (10%) engage in pastoral ministry, evangelistic outreach (through English teaching, etc.) women’s and children’s ministry in Sendai, Japan.
  • Steve Zimmerman (10%) works at developing leaders in the churches of South Africa through Cape Bible Seminary and South African Christian Mission. SACM, also, approaches ministry by addressing other needs like needs for clothing and shoes, and providing Christian books for community libraries.
  • BlackBox International (5%) is a fairly new outreach to help deliver boys who have been caught in the world of human sex trafficking. The ministry provides a broad range of approaches including counseling, housing, education, and job skill training.