Celebrate Easter

Easter is a time for celebration!
However, the celebration is not about giant bunnies who deliver baskets of goodies to young children although that activity often garners the most attention. It is not about having to get dressed up in your finest dress or suit to go to church that one time of year. It has nothing to do really with chocolates and chicks.
Easter is about  the most amazing news — God defeated death! And since God defeated death we can be confident that he can conquer so much more that threatens our peace and joy.
While the cross may be the central message of Christianity, its real importance lies in the reality of the resurrection. If Jesus died, but did not raise from the dead, we still worship a dead God. If Jesus died but did not rise, we have not hope for the today or the future. If Jesus died but was not resurrected our faith is useless.
However, since the tomb is empty, the Easter celebration is about celebrating the opportunity to live a life freed from guilt and shame. It is about the hope that things can be better, that joy can be resuscitated. As Jesus rose from the dead after 3 days, he grants us the opportunity to see our lives be made new. Because Jesus rose, he shares that hope with his followers.
This is what we will be celebrating on Easter. We invite you to join us. Worship Celebration begins at 10AM (and if it’s any consolation, you don’t need to dress up).